About Us


The Cobalt Institute (CI) is a non-profit trade association composed of producers, users, recyclers, and traders of cobalt. We promote the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all its forms.

Formerly known as the Cobalt Development Institute (CDI), we act as a knowledge centre for governments, agencies, industry, the media and the public on all matters concerning cobalt and cobalt containing substances.

The CI value proposition

The Cobalt Institute acts as a knowledge centre for governments, agencies, industry, academia, the media and civil society on all matters concerning cobalt. The CI represents the voice of the cobalt industry on all cobalt related issues and challenges including health, safety and environment, sustainability and responsible sourcing, among others.

The Cobalt Institute also promotes co-operation between all stakeholders and provides a mechanism for the development and dissemination of independent information concerning the resources, production and uses of cobalt.

Why join the CI?

The CI is a proactive organization which represents around 70% of cobalt produced worldwide and has over 60 years of experience identifying and addressing issues of key interest for the cobalt industry sector.
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As a member of the Associations Group of the International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM) our Members endeavour to embrace the following ‘five values’ developed by this organisation:

The CI and its Members abide by a set of principles and objectives that are based on the ICMM five values.