Cobalt in healthcare

When it comes to medical devices, material choices are important.

Prosthetic implants like hip or knee replacements need to be endure the stresses and strains associated with the movement of human joints, while also allowing the user freedom of movement and confidence that it won’t damage their health in other ways.

For this reason, cobalt is used in these implants – up to 62% of the alloy used, in fact - because it creates implants that last longer and it does not interfere with the body’s normal functioning.

As a component in powerful magnets, cobalt also used to enable techniques like magnetic resonance imaging and the imaging of damage to the brain, as well as to sterilise medical and dental equipment before use.

Also – did you know that you know that cobalt is essential to health? It is a component of vitamin B12, making it essential to the health of humans and many animals.