promoting the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all forms

Cobalt Uses

Cobalt is an essential element for many applications important to today’s society. As such, cobalt contributes greatly to the general quality of life for humans and for a sustainable future.

Cobalt’s large role in different applications stems from the many unique properties possessed by the metal and other compounds. The importance of cobalt to rechargeable batteries, electronics, catalysts, alloys and healthcare has resulted in the metal being referred to as a technology enabling element.

The metal’s unique physico-chemical properties translate into several key characteristics that are un-substitutable by using other substances. Cobalt produces many vibrant colours, is wear resistant, oxidation resistant, ferromagnetic and conducts electricity. Cobalt is also a bio-essential element and is found in the centre of vitamin B12. These properties have led to cobalt’s use in several core applications integral for a greater quality of life and a sustainable planet.