Energy storage

Meeting the ambitions of the Paris climate change agreement will require us to decarbonise our energy systems – and fast.

The good news is we know how to do this. Wind, water and sun are already being harnessed en masse to create abundant, zero-carbon energy.

But there is a problem. If the wind isn’t blowing, the tides flowing or the sun shining, where is your power going to come from?

Cobalt containing batteries are again the solution.

“Load balancing” is an industry term that, put simply, means storing electricity when we have too much to use when we do not have enough. When your electricity supply is intermittent – as is the case with renewables – having electricity storage becomes essential.

Many such storage solutions use cobalt-containing battery chemistries because of their durability and energy density.

And it does not stop there. Cobalt is also used in the strongest kinds of permanent magnets, as used in wind turbines, meaning it’s a vital part of making wind turbines work as well!