promoting the sustainable and responsible use of cobalt in all forms

Why join the CI?

Membership Benefits

The CI adds value by identifying and tackling important issues on behalf of the cobalt industry:

The CI is a highly proactive organisation that demonstrates value for money with its work:

The CI strategy is simple and based on:

  1. Monitoring Emerging Issues
  2. Identifying key concerns affecting industry
  3. Addressing the important issues
  4. Focusing on results
  5. Aiming to be the focal point for cobalt

The CI is an issue driven and results orientated organisation

Membership of the CI provides for:

Types of membership

There are three categories of Membership:


The minimum Full Membership subscription is currently £16,000 per annum, but in the case of significant production the usual minimum fee is superseded by a calculated fee based on tonnage and applied against the CI’s budget for the year. There is normally a one-off charge in recognition of the CI Members contribution to HS&E work over the years, but this would not be onerous and can discussed nearer the time, if indeed it is still applicable.

Associate Services

This category is essentially for those companies who are not eligible to become Full Members, such as traders, service providers (logistics companies, shipping lines, inspection companies and the like), analysts etc, and attracts a charge of £3,900/year

Associate Industrial Members

For companies that are in the exploration/feasibility/development phase we offer Associate Industrial Membership which should be converted into Full Membership once production of cobalt starts. The current cost of Associate Industrial Membership is £1,900/year. Upon obtaining Full Membership Associate Industrial Members are credited with 2-years Associate Industrial membership against the initial joining invoice.

Membership is subject to approval by the CI Board.

How to join

For more details email David Weight.