promoting the sustainable and responsible use of cobalt in all forms

Life Cycle Assessment

The CI's new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study is the first of its kind of the cobalt sector. It has generated an industry-supported cradle-to-gate life cycle inventory (LCI) and impact assessment results for refined cobalt. The LCI data has been produced to support downstream users of refined cobalt in their efforts to produce more sustainable products. The work demonstrates the industry’s continued commitment to support the sustainable production and use of cobalt.

The CI Board is interested to promote the wide dissemination and uptake of the new cobalt LCI data, and is pleased to make its LCI data available to those organisations involved in LCA studies that follow ISO standards on LCA, as well as the multi-metallic harmonised LCA guidance.

Please note that the new cobalt LCI dataset describes production of cobalt metal products. Therefore LCA practitioners should take appropriate steps if choosing to use this data in LCA studies for cobalt chemicals or cobalt-containing products.

Organisations can request a copy of Cobalt LCI data from the CI using the on-line Google Request Form.

On receipt of the Request Form, the CI Secretariat will evaluate the request, and respond to the inquiry.