promoting the sustainable and responsible use of cobalt in all forms

Responsible Sourcing

The Cobalt Institute (CI) has a longstanding commitment to the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all forms which is enshrined in its 4 key Objectives and 7 Guiding Principles.

Building on this commitment, in 2017 the CI entered into a partnership with RCS Global, a leading adviser on responsible sourcing of natural resources, to establish an industry-wide cobalt supply chain risk management framework, the Cobalt Industry Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF).

A key part of the project has been to strengthen engagement and coordination amongst industry bodies and other responsible sourcing programmes. This has ensured CI members and other stakeholders in the supply chain are fully aware of the due diligence and compliance landscape they are operating in.

The project also underpins the CI position as a leading industry voice on good practice.

CIRAF main features

The Cobalt Industry Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF) consolidates action being taken by companies across the industry to respond to increasing interest from civil society, the media, the cobalt market, and consumers in responsible sourcing:

The framework, which was launched on January 2019, is now being applied by the Cobalt Institute members during an initial implementation period.

For further information, please refer to the CIRAF external primer English version | French version.