Large-scale mining

The need for responsible mining practices has for many years been a priority for many industrial (or “large-scale”) mining companies.

Since the late 1990s this has been approached collectively by the large-scale mining companies to help address social, ethical and environmental concerns and build recognition of the industry’s contribution to local communities and society at large.

The mining industry provides the resources necessary for creating and developing modern materials and enabling technological progress and, as a responsible industry, has also provided substantial benefits including economic advantages, environmental stewardship, health and safety standards, social welfare, infrastructure, education and training, alternative livelihoods and human rights awareness.

To achieve this, the industrial mining industry already operates within a spectrum of mandatory and voluntary initiatives that ensure working practices are responsible and sustainable.


Some of the main guidelines for responsible operating practices are, for example, enshrined in the:

The Cobalt Institute supports transparency for producers in gaining an intimate understanding of their supply chain provenance and working towards continuous improvement of their sourcing practices.