This is a preliminary schedule. A more detailed programme will be posted in the next few weeks.

All times CET.

18 May 2021

Welcome and Introductions
10.30-11.00 Keynote Speech

Session One – Cobalt Market Review and Impact of COVID19

This session will review the Cobalt Market in 2020, examine the impact of the COVID19 pandemic and look at the drivers for the market in 2021.

12.15-13.30 Networking Lunch

Session Two – Cobalt Supply

As demand for Cobalt continues to increase, this session will look at current Cobalt resources and reserves, the challenges in extracting them and plans to do so.

14.45-15.30 Networking Break

Session Three – ASM Contribution to Sustainable Development

This session will consider the contribution of ASM to sustainable livelihoods and look at how the industry is engaging collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes on the ground.

17.15-18.00 Virtual Reception

19 May 2021 - Battery Day

This second day of the conference will focus on the largest application for Cobalt, batteries. In particular, the discussions will focus on European legislation which will impact the battery sector and the use of Cobalt.


Session One – Battery Regulation



Session Two – Benchmark Minerals Supply Chain Workshop


12.45-13.25 Networking Break

Session Three – Cobalt Chemicals Management and Impact on Batteries


14.55 Conference Close