promoting the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all forms


Cobalt is used in three main parts within a semi-conductor:

Features of semi-conductors

Processing Steps

As the semi-conductor industry has evolved, the size of semi-conductors has decreased. Two main driving forces are responsible:

In 1970, Intel had created a semi-conductor of 10 µm. In 2015, the latest technology produced a semi-conductor nearly 1000 fold smaller at 11nm. To put these minute sizes into perspective, at 30nm, 3300 semiconductors will fit across the width of a human hair. The result is that much more information can be processed through much smaller surfaces, ultimately enabling miniaturisation.

With semi-conductors being so small, innovative methods of processing steps are required in adding cobalt. These include:

Confidential Business Information

The semiconductor industry is highly competitive and relies on a solid base of research. Information is thus highly confidential and difficult to retrieve in the public domain. The sector is very innovative as it continues its search for better-performing technologies.