The Cobalt Institute (CI) aims to “promote the responsible and sustainable use of cobalt in all forms”. To support this aim, the CI is looking to develop a sustainability profile for cobalt which will outline the environmental effects and the socio-economic benefits, and highlight the “sustainability attributes” of cobalt substances used in various applications. This new work is currently underway, and further updates will be posted as the work programme develops.

The diverse range of applications for cobalt substances encompasses many different supply/value chains, including several uses that are important to the Sustainability and Climate Change agendas, such as:

Solar panels storage units
Cobalt is a key constituent of the lithium-ion batteries used for solar storage

Cobalt and its compounds play a fundamental role in improving the efficient use of resources, and the recyclability of end-products. Through their special characteristics, they also act as a “technology enabler” providing opportunities for innovation and new applications for cobalt.

The Cobalt Secretariat participates in several International and European fora where key sustainability issues are being collectively addressed by the metals industry. These include the Materials Stewardship activities of the ICMM, and the Sustainability activities of Eurometaux.

The key topics areas of interest to the CI include: