Dr Ruth Danzeisen

Principal Toxicologist (Human Health)

Dr Ruth Danzeisen (DABT)

Ruth is responsible for the development of a sound knowledge base of the hazards and risks of cobalt and cobalt compounds to ensure their safe production and use. In her role, she identifies information gaps and new projects based on data gap analyses, regulatory requirements and scientific knowledge gaps. She also interprets and distributes generated data to regulatory authorities. 

Ruth has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and has nine years of research experience in academia in the area of metals biology and nutrition through her work at several universities and research institutes in the UK, USA, Germany, and Italy. Before joining the Cobalt Institute in 2012, Ruth worked as as Assistant Director at the International Copper Association. She obtained her Board Certification by the American Board of Toxicology in October 2007 and has several publications relating to metals toxicology. She is also a member of an ECHA expert group on carcinogenic potency.