25 February 2021

Cobalt Institute appoints Caroline Braibant as Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

Guildford, Thursday, 25th February 2021

The Cobalt Institute has appointed Caroline Braibant as its Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs.

Caroline will lead the scientific work at the Cobalt Institute, which focuses on the health and environmental impacts of cobalt substances and informs the implementation of regulations on the use of cobalt by governments and international organisations across the world.

She joins the Cobalt Institute from the International Antimony Association where she was Secretary-General. Caroline’s appointment follows the recent hire of another senior lead, Susannah McLaren, as Head of Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability.

President of the Cobalt Institute, Adam McCarthy, commented: “Global regulation has never been more important for people working with cobalt, which is why we are so pleased to be joined by Caroline who is a real expert in this field. Her appointment represents a determined effort by the Institute to step up to the challenges of the future and continue to be the powerful, global voice for cobalt.”

Caroline Braibant added: “Cobalt is essential in so many of the products that will drive the green transition, so the way the substances are regulated is of paramount importance. I am really pleased to be able to lead on this important work.”

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