About us

Vision, Objectives and Values

Our vision

To promote the responsible and sustainable production and use of Cobalt in all its forms and applications.

Our Objectives

Through public policy, regulatory, scientific, responsible sourcing and sustainability engagement the Institute strives to:

  • Protect and grow the market for cobalt and compounds by promoting a proportionate, holistic and appropriate legislative and regulatory environment where the contribution of the entire value chain to societal goals is recognized;
  • Act as the Global center of knowledge on Cobalt; and
  • Enhance the reputation of the cobalt industry as a responsible sector with deep expertise in all relevant aspects of product stewardship.

Our Values








We are responsible for actions and results both individually but also collectively. Accountability means more than just our job. It is an obligation to strive to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things that further the goals of the organization.


We are true to our word. We do what we say and always strive to do the right thing. We communicate and act transparently and speak up where necessary.


We communicate openly, amongst ourselves, our members and our wider stakeholders. We value diversity and differences of opinion and seek to engage with all stakeholders transparently.


We treat each other, our members and our wider stakeholders in the same tolerant, considerate and courteous way as we would wish to be treated.


We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions efficiently and pragmatically, and focus on what’s essential. We deliver our message in a straightforward way that allows for easier understanding.


We are one team dedicated to working collaboratively to create the solutions that support our members and the Cobalt Industry. We value and acknowledge the diverse and unique input of all team members.

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