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The Cobalt Institute is the global association representing the cobalt industry and value chain. Our Members are producers, users, recyclers, and traders of cobalt. We promote the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all its forms.

The Cobalt Institute (CI) plays a critical role in advancing the interests of our members helping to grow and protect the market for cobalt. We are a knowledge center for governments, agencies, industry, the media and the public on all matters concerning cobalt and cobalt containing substances.

Membership of the Cobalt Institute allows organizations to stay abreast of global regulatory and policy developments that will affect their businesses, and contribute to the development and execution of global strategies which focus on:

Global Chemicals Management

The CI is a leader in the human health and environmental science of cobalt in the workplace and the environment – through the CI, members’ have invested over €30m to ensure regulatory compliance and market access across the globe;

Responsible Sourcing

The CI and its’ members are playing a leading role in addressing the issues around the sourcing of cobalt and have launched the Cobalt Industry Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF) to help members meet current challenges in raw material provenance;


The CI develops crucial data that helps make cobalt a raw material of choice for downstream users and informs the decisions of regulators and policy-makers. We have developed the first cobalt industry life-cycle assessment (LCA) and have recently published a Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA) highlighting the economic value of the cobalt industry; and

Government and Public Affairs

Recognized as the authoritative voice of the cobalt industry by many governments around the world, the CI ensures its members have a place at the table when big decisions are made.

Supported by our knowledge base, the CI is a proactive organization that engages with governments, regulators, media, academia and civil society to positively impact and influence the regulatory environment for cobalt.

As a member of the CI, you will benefit from access to our intelligence gathering, strategic programs, knowledge base and external relationships all of which are aimed at protecting and growing the market for cobalt and the interests of our members. Our shared cost model reduces individual costs to members for this work and therefore ensures a maximum return on investment.

The CI has a range of membership categories and service options to suit the needs and budgets of a broad range of companies. All our members participate in our internal discussions and decision-making structures and contribute to the strategic direction of the Institute.

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