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The Cobalt Institute is delighted in your interest in joining our Institute, the global trade association of the cobalt industry representing the interests of cobalt producers, users, recyclers, and traders.

The membership application program of the Cobalt Institute is based on two stages. During the first step, we invite organizations interested in joining us to fill out our membership information form and in the second stage our code of conduct must be signed and acknowledged. During all application stages the provided information will be kept by the Cobalt Institute Secretariat as confidential and can be saved and be re-opened during a different moment.

Once the Cobalt Institute has received all the information and the process is successfully completed, the Executive Committee of the Institute will review the given information and make a decision on the application. The Cobalt Institute will inform the organisation via email on the outcome of the result.

The membership of the CI is based on the annual tonnage amount of cobalt, in the first step of the membership form the organization is invited to read the membership information provided and chose the appropriate member type. The Cobalt Institute will then conduct its initial due diligence on the information provided by the company. Afterwards, the Institute will request company information, business information and contact details from the organization.

Once the Membership Form has been successfully submitted, the Cobalt Institute will review the submission and after the second stage of due diligence was completed, the Cobalt Institute will provide the organization with the link for the code of conduct and supporting documents.

When the organization has submitted all the given data and signed code of conduct, the submission will be reviewed by the Secretariat before a recommendation is provided to the Executive Committee of the Cobalt Institute and a decision on the membership application will be made.

The Cobalt Institute will inform the organization per email about the outcome of the decision.

In case of any questions, before, during or after the process, please do not hesitate to contact Rejoice Aikohi (

Overview membership application process

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