Regulation & Policy

The Cobalt Institute’s depth and breadth of scientific research, as well as the reach of our member companies – that represent the overwhelming majority of global cobalt – makes it the best-placed organization to advise authorities on the safe and sustainable use of cobalt.

We make ourselves readily available to support policymaking by decision-makers across the world, and play a leading role in conversations about the responsible sourcing of cobalt. We do this based on our evidence and expertise.

We represent the voice of the cobalt industry on all cobalt-related issues and challenges relating to sustainability and in its role as a knowledge center, the Cobalt Institute generates data for sustainability research. However, the usefulness of cobalt also means governments, international authorities and regulators increasingly want to understand it better: from sourcing, to safe use.

Chemicals Management

All substances – including naturally occurring elements like cobalt – are considered chemicals.

Many of these are both essential to human health in moderate amounts but pose risks to health in excess. These chemical management rules seek to identify at which points this risk become unacceptable. The Cobalt Institute invests in research around this and is a leading global authority on the chemicals management of cobalt.

This means there is a need to manage cobalt exposure in workplaces manufacturing products using cobalt. There is little to no risk for the general population.

As the world transition to green energy and so works with cobalt more, we need to ensure it can continue to be used as safely as possible. This relies on scientific data and balanced socio-economic decision-making.

To achieve this, many countries are adopting chemicals management rules that seek to identify risks associated with substances and to manage them.

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