Batteries & Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions allow renewable energy to be stored locally for when it is needed.

Wind, water and sun are already being harnessed to create abundant, zero-carbon energy. For any intermittent electricity supply – as in the case of renewables – electricity storage is essential and rechargeable batteries, where cobalt is present in the cathode, provide the solution to load balancing. Rechargeable batteries store electricity when it is produced so that it can be used to use when the wind is not blowing, tides are not flowing, or the sun is not shining.  

Static energy storage is increasingly providing a second lease of life for end-of-life electric vehicle batteries are as their capacity is still sufficient for storage. The global energy storage potential is set to grow in the coming years and cobalt will play a key role in the efficient storage of renewable electricity. 

energy storage

Portable Devices

The light weight and high energy density of lithium-ion batteries have made portable electronic devices such as phones, laptops and tablets part of our daily life, enabling electronic technologies to become smaller and free from mains electricity.

Currently, the most popular lithium-ion technology to power these devices is the lithium-cobalt oxide (LCO) battery which has a cathode composed of LiCoO2.  

The main feature of the LCO battery is the high energy density translating into a long run-time for the portable devices. 

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