REACH Registration

The Cobalt Institute supports its Members and other producers, traders and users of cobalt substances to comply with chemicals management legislation, including EU and other REACH registrations.

The Cobalt REACH Consortia (CoRC) that was originally created to address EU REACH obligations, was terminated at the end of 2022. EU REACH activities have since been fully integrated in the Cobalt Institute’s chemicals management program, which hosts a specific group overseeing compliance with EU REACH Registration requirements.  Companies needing to comply with EU REACH can either join the Cobalt Institute or purchase a Letter of Access data-sharing agreement. 

The EU REACH data is the reference dataset on the effects, fate, exposure and use of Cobalt substances and can be reused under other registration schemes internationally.  Companies needing this evidence for other registration obligations than EU REACH (e.g., Korea REACH, Turkey REACH or UK REACH) can either join the Cobalt Institute or purchase a Licence to Use data-sharing agreement.

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