27 April 2022

Cobalt OEL Value Chain Webinar

The Cobalt Institute invites you to attend the second Cobalt OEL Value Chain Webinar taking place virtually on the 11th of May at 4 pm CEST.

The second webinar for the Cobalt OEL Value Chain is describing the recent ECHA background document and summary of the next Cobalt Institute (CI) submission, regarding proposed occupational exposure limits for cobalt and inorganic cobalt compounds.

In July 2021, the European Commission published their intention to derive EU-wide workplace limit values for cobalt and inorganic cobalt compounds. The first stage of the process involves ECHA and committees deriving a scientific position. For cobalt and cobalt compounds this would include the assessment of the option of an airborne occupational exposure limit, other limit values (BGV), and notations. The CI previously presented an industry-wide position at the first Co OEL Value Chain Webinar in October 2021, before the end of the ECHA call for evidence. ECHA has recently opened a public consultation (PC) on their OEL background document for cobalt that will end on the 10th of June. The CI is now organising a second webinar for the cobalt value chain, to explain the background and key components behind ECHA's recently released OEL background document for cobalt and inorganic cobalt compounds, the summary of the CI response into the ECHA public consultation and the next steps in the OEL process. We welcome and encourage all parts of the cobalt value chain to take part in this event.

We have expanded our webinar capabilities and would like to invite everyone who is interested to attend.

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