Webinar – Life Cycle Assessment of Cobalt Products

15 December 2022, 10.00 – 11.00 CET

The Cobalt Institute conducted a Life Cycle Assessment of cobalt and cobalt compounds to inform stakeholders about the potential environment impacts of the production of cobalt. The webinar will present the Life Cycle Assessment and gather industry stakeholders to discuss the results.


Webinar recording



Tom Fairlie, Senior Sustainability Manager – Cobalt Institute:For the cobalt industry and all stakeholders it is important to have highly reliable and quality data to understand the life cycle of cobalt to reduce the carbon footprint accordingly. Especially, during the last years the interest for cobalt has increased and the recent life cycle assessment addresses stakeholders needs and supports initiatives as the Battery Passport’’.

Robyn Stoney, Manager Regulatory Affairs (Nickel, Cobalt) – Glencore:Cobalt is a critical raw material with many benefits and growing demand. The key industries presented in the LCA provide data and understanding of the environmental impact. The industry can use this data to manage and balance the increased production of cobalt against the potenial environmental impacts – The life cycle assessment plays an important part in setting benchmarks”.

Dr Mark Mistry, Senior Manager LCA and Sustainability – Nickel Institute: “The use of the LCA data is important to analyse hotspot areas of the value chain. With life cycle assessments as the one of the Cobalt Institute, it is ensured that industry data is available to conduct hotspot analysis and on the other hand to fulfil data requirements from costumers. It is important to highlight, that the industry is committed to provide stakeholders with the most recent data of carbon footprint analysis”.

Dr Claude Chanson, General Manager – RECHARGE:The EU’s Product Environmental Footprint Methodology (PEF) and also the upcoming Batteries Regulation show the large ambition of the Commission to use those LCA data as provided by the Cobalt Institute for the direct consumer information to help the consumer make an informed choice about the carbon impact of the final product. The availability of those updated data sets are essential to generate the transparency of communications that the Commission is looking at for the carbon footprint declarations”.

Ketan Vaidya, Life Cycle Assessment Analyst – Northvolt: “The data of the life cycle assessment (LCA) can be used to detect hotspots, bottlenecks towards decarbonization and support in minimisation of those. The LCA helps to figure out how to make the transition to electrification more sustainable – For a downstream user, consistent LCA data from the upstream user supports in the data driven decision-making process of the company”.



15 December 2022, 10.00 – 11.00 CET

Welcome from the moderator:

  • Tom Fairlie, Senior Sustainability Manager, Cobalt Institute
10.05 High level presentation of the cobalt LCA results

Panel discussion

  • Robyn Stoney – Manager Regulatory Affairs – Nickel Cobalt, Glencore
  • Dr Mark Mistry – Senior Manager LCA and Sustainability, Nickel Institute
  • Dr Claude Chanson – General Manager, Recharge
  • Ketan Vaidya – Life Cycle Assessment Analyst, Northvolt AB
10.45 Q&A with webinar participants
10.55 Close of the Webinar


Dr Mark Mistry, Senior Manager LCA
and Sustainability, Nickel Institute

Mark Mistry is responsible for life cycle management and sustainability issues at the Nickel Institute, the industry association of the world´s leading nickel producers. He monitors regulatory developments likely to impact the nickel industry and identifies opportunities to contribute to the academic and scientific debate on life cycle assessment and the benefits of using and recycling nickel. He is moreover involved into the development of global sustainability standards. Mark is based in Brussels. He holds a degree in Economic Geology and has a PhD in Mining Engineering both from Aachen RWTH Technical University.

Dr. Claude Chanson
General Manager, Recharge

Claude Chanson is General Manager of the Recharge association. He has an engineering degree from Bordeaux Graduate School of Chemistry and Physics and a PhD in electrochemistry from the University of Bordeaux 1. He joined the Saft Group in 1986 initially as an engineer in research and development and as project manager in the telecommunications and e-mobility sectors, before taking the posts of Division Technical Manager and Director for Li-ion technology. He has been with Recharge for 10 years, representing the rechargeable battery industry’s interests at European bodies and international transport organisations, such as UNECE and ICAO.

Ketan Vaidya
Life Cycle Assessment Analyst,
Northvolt AB

Ketan is responsible for performing life cycle assessments for Northvolt and supporting Northvolt’s vision to build green batteries in Europe. Responsible for technical expert discussions, wider stakeholder alignment and methodological development projects on Life cycle assessment. He holds an engineering degree in Mechanical engineering, Energy engineering and Power engineering from TU Munich. He has previously worked on life cycle assessments, input out analysis, and socioeconomic impact assessments.