20 June 2022

CIRAF Update: Reporting Obligation Hiatus

The Cobalt Institute announces today that it is granting a hiatus on reporting to its members who have made a commitment to adopting the Cobalt Industry’s Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF).

In 2019, the Cobalt Institute launched the CIRAF, a management and reporting framework to strengthen the ability of cobalt producers and buyers to assess, mitigate, and report on responsible production and sourcing risks in their operations and supply chain. While not a standard or certification scheme, the CIRAF provides a management tool and enables participants to prove they are aligned with global good practice on responsible production and sourcing with annual public reporting being a mandatory requirement. A significant number of Cobalt Institute members committed to adopting CIRAF and have adhered to the annual reporting requirement.

In response to the rapidly changing landscape of responsible sourcing in the cobalt industry and emerging mandatory due diligence requirements, the Cobalt Institute has taken steps to strengthen the tools available to industry and to seek ways to most effectively promote good practices in the supply chain. These efforts include assessing the future of the CIRAF in dialogue with members of the Cobalt Institute. During this period of review, the Cobalt Institute is granting a hiatus to CIRAF participants on their annual public reporting requirement.

For any queries regarding the CIRAF, please contact Susannah McLaren (Head of Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability) at

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