01 September 2021

Cobalt Institute appoints Tom Fairlie as Sustainability Manager

The Cobalt Institute has appointed Tom Fairlie as its Sustainability Manager. Tom will lead the sustainability work at the Cobalt Institute, which focuses on the decarbonization of cobalt supply chains, circular economy agendas and electric vehicle battery legislation.

He joins the Cobalt Institute bringing a breadth of industrial experience from the extractives sector both from an engineering and corporate perspective. Tom’s appointment will support Susannah McLaren, Head of Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability, demonstrating the Cobalt Institute’s ongoing commitment to promoting the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all its forms.

President of the Cobalt Institute, Adam McCarthy, commented: "We are thrilled that Tom has joined the Cobalt Institute to drive our sustainability strategy which aims at understanding the environmental impact of the Cobalt industry and its positive benefits to the broader climate change agenda. Tom’s background and expertise make him ideal to lead this strategy and we look forward to him to making positive contribution to the work of the Institute’

Tom Fairlie added: “A net-zero pathway will require increasing use of cobalt, making it vital that cobalt supply chains are decarbonized, extraction is sustainable and end-of-life materials recycled. I am excited to lead on this challenging area, in line with global efforts to address IPCC findings.”

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